Scan-150111-0001Welcome to Nosepeople Presents

This site is dedicated to having some fun with stories, pictures and commentary.  Who knows what will show up here, but visitors should expect to find some interesting blogs, prose and poetry and, who knows, scripts, videos and all kinds of other good stuff.

Visitor comments are welcome and, perhaps somewhere down the line, Nosepeople will open up to welcome visitors’ stories, pictures, drawings and commentaries as well.

There may even be some sketch comedy and standup routines, “and are my arms ever tired!”

We can be found at which you already know since you’re reading this/

And if you’re wondering why nosepeople, just take a look at the construction crew below.

Max Penman


 The segments of what begins as The Uncollected Soul  and evolves into the more preferred (by me, anyway) The Unclaimed Soul can be found in the following blogsMay 31, June 14, November 10 and  finishes December 10.  Read and enjoy…Take a look at The Instructional Tale of Pierre D’Artist, too.  Click the pic and follow the directions.