At the moment I have access to the website, but it could crash at any minute.  I’ve finally had my story edited and proofread.  I just need to go over it then get it to the publisher.  However, I’ve started to write the understory.  It’s coming along quite well.  I’ve met a couple of interesting characters and there are rumours that not everyone in the land is happy with the status quo. One of the reasons that I started it is that one of my proofreaders found  the story, a short novella in length ended before she wanted it to.  Some of those characters in the understory are pretty unsavoury and they may compromise the character of the main story although it will change the story very little, it will likely affect the tone.

I don’t know yet if I will include the understory especially if it doesn’t roll out fairly quickly.  I have had a very solid idea as I have been mulling it over for some time.  The interesting thing is that in some ways, as the writing goes on, the characters take on a mind of their own and may decide they want to take on a larger role than they had first been slated for while another might unexpectedly hide most of the time. I’ve heard writers speak of this, but as I have been bearing down on the writing, it ha becomes more apparent.  A character slated for one paragraph might end up with several pages and  unexpectedly assume a key role in moving the story along.

I have a couple of ideas that I’m working on perhaps I will provide a couple of sneak peaks. Indeed, I may take you to a very important meeting between Lucifer and the Archangel Gabriel, or another Gabriel, a born hunter on a newborn world, and of course, there is the arrogant and sinister Grand Duke Leonis of the West March.

Also trying to develop a comedy monologue, perhaps even a sketch and some gags.  If I can get up the nerve, I may give it a shot.  If my comedy writing partner can brave the stage, we could be the new, old, Bob and Ray (look them up) or at least do some kind of sketch comedy.

I don’t have any gags, or sketch samples for you as I have been focussing on the stories, but I’m hoping something will tickle the old funny bone shortly and, you know, maybe we’ll have a few laughs.

Check out @HeyPenman on Twitter.  I don’t have much to say, but some of the people I’m following do, and some of it isn’t bad.

Come on, It’s the twenty-first century, now.  I think Max may get Facebook.  It isn’t just for kids

Well, we seem to have outlasted some of the recent blockages,  I really hope this can get back up and running regularly.

C U Max