Well, Here I am again, but I had to sneak through the backdoor to get in.  My host has been keeping me locked for several months now.  Apparently none can solve the mystery.  They keep telling me they’ve unlocked my site, but still can’t seem to get in.  Currently, I have a backup system, that is a go to router with another provider when my regular one fails. If I make the switch quick enough, I can sneak in as I did just now.  It is annoying.  I really would like to keep up with the blogging.  Regarding the Shadow of the Tower, a book I thought I was pretty well ready to publish, I had decided to include the understory.  Well it’s done and now has to be merged into the story with appropriate revisions and that means more re=reading.  I am commissioning an artist other than me to provide some illustrations.  When and if they get done, I will publish an illustrated version of the story, but I am hoping a full text version will be ready to hit the epress by early summer.

I would offer you a quick peek, but I would have to change computers and if I do that, I may never get back in.

Comedy writing is going apace, but it is still hard to know what is truly funny and what people will laugh at if its not put out there.  It looks like a good monologue is falling into place so I may be on the hook to get my feet wet.  What do you think, dear reader, if you be there, of a youtube presentation of  sketch comedy bit??

This is short and hopefully sweet, but getting on was unexpected and staying on may be a risk.  I hope this can be solved and a more regular opportunity to write become available. Till then, I have to stop now.