Well, damn it, I still haven’t a clue about WordPress.  so I really have to make time to look at the tutorials.  Perhaps then, I can entice some new readers, story and fun lovers, to drop by from time to time so this site can move out of the millions up into the thousands on the website pyramid.  And, you can do that!  It appears that I am the only one who is blocked from my website.  Everyone else is welcome.  So, please drop in and take a look around.  Leave a comment that is interesting or fun, I am not really looking for nfl jersey’s or promotional material that looks like its been translated from Martian, to some obscure eastern language and then to English.

Since I have written an understory, or sub plot for Shadow of the Tower, I have discovered that there will have to be some rewrites to hold the two plots together.  It’s going to take me a while to do that.  I hope it will be there by summer and perhaps with an illustration or two.  May it be worth the wait!  For an undisciplined writer like myself, it’s hell because I just want to get it out there so I can focus on my next story and get some comedy stuff done.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this:  Why did the chicken almost cross the road? To get a closer look at the dump truck.

Well, here’s hoping I can get back on this again, and soon with some good news for all….