I thought you might like to take a look at a story that I want to turn into a short play, or extend out to make a movie short.  I haven’t begun to consider when to get down to it, but I hope I will soon.  I like the concept.  In a movie format especially, some of the aspects of the uncollected soul’s life can be the source of some fun scenes..pumping this flash/short story out.  Anyway, here’s the start.  Let me know what you think.  Does it have legs? If anyone is interested, I could add more in a future blog.


An Uncollected Soul

The flash lasted only a moment.

It couldn’t really be called a flash of light, but rather of a brilliant, intense whiteness that enveloped the total space eliminating shadows for a brief, exquisite moment.

It was then replaced with an elegant form, somewhat resembling a human, but clearly not. The form was looking at what appeared to be a clipboard held in its left hand. A second humanlike, but clearly not human form looked up from the spacious desk at which it was seated.


“Geez, Gabriel, do you have to do that every time?”


“Hey, in and out fast. You know how much I hate this place, Lucifer.”


“Give it a chance, Gabe, it’ll grow on you.”


“Yeah, like mold on stale bread.”


“Come on Gabe, there could be worse.”


“I don’t think so, Lucifer. This is about as ‘worse’ as it gets.”


“I sense you aren’t here for idle chit chat. What’s up?”


”We have an interesting discrepancy that is making us curious, Lucifer, seems that a soul that has been registered to you hasn’t been claimed by any of your agents. We were looking for some clarification. Perhaps you could enlighten us.”


“Oh, Gabe, always the efficient messenger, you know I can’t match you in enlightenment anymore. But, mankind, what a team we could have made, you and me. Just think about it.”


“Sorry, Lucifer, not a thought that appeals to me…no more than this place does….”


“Ah, come on, you learn to love it after awhile.”


“ I’m sure you do. Now, do you think you could help clear up this discrepancy? We don’t like to have unclaimed souls hanging around. You know what I’m referring to, don’t you.”


“Yeah, yeah. It’s a long story. Make yourself comfortable.”


“That’s not very likely, now, is it?”


“Gabe, you cut me to the quick. I offer you my hospitality…”


“The unclaimed soul, could we get on with it?”