Ouch!  I just re read The Instructional Tale of Pierre D’Artiste thr way it appears when you access it on the site (see first page). Although I had gone over it dozens of times, carrecting grammer and spelling mistakes, I still find some.  A typo is a typo but a word used wrongly is pretty bad. When I turn the phrase to step into a dance, two step, I’m clearly not paying close enough attention to the details to not catch this.

I wish to eventually publish a nice version of the book, with better illustrations and sell it for enough to pay my artist, at least.  When its ready and looking good, a small fee, one that won’t break the bank, but my require giving up a couple of double bubble gums would be in order.  However, the unadorned, roughly illustrated and error filled copy is and will still be available for free on this site.  I still think its kind of a sweet, funny little story and worthy of a few minutes, rough cartoons, errors, snd sll.  I f you take a moment to read it let me know how you liked it, and let me know about any proofreading errors that you might find.  I want to put out the best possible version.  Oh yeah, same goes for The Uncollected Soul being randomly serialized here.