Greeting fellow travellers. Happy Hanukah! and from the look of the stores and the malls, I guess it is safe to say Merry Christmas.

Here it is, December of 2015, and I have published so few blogs. Accessing the site efficiently has been a problem.  After being stuck in a virtual Limbo waiting for the site to open too many times, It has nearly taken me right out of the game.  I was able, somewhat circuitously, to get the instalments of The Unclaimed Soul that underwent a title change as it progressed,  I do like that better than The Uncollected  Soul, because the soul is not collected, because the devil doesn’t want to claim it, let alone collect it, and while the contract is in place, God’s team will not claim it either, so it remains unclaimed and uncollected. TMI, right!

I’m working on a Sci-Fi story and I may give you a taste.  It’s really hard to write, although I must have about 30,000 words. Not a true working writer, I am more random in my getting done to it.  Lots of other tasks to do to take me away from it. Well, we will see.  Perhaps another story will be generated as I go along. Would like to consider myself a craftsman when it comes to writing and perhaps as the stories come, I will spend more time working at the craft.

Shadow of the Tower is in final editing stage and will hit the stands sooner than later.  I think it is a good story.  I won;t serialize it here, but I may provide some glimpses into it.  It’s a story for young people, but adults are welcome to read it too.  When I get it published, I’ll throw up a link to it here.

The next blog will be a Christmas/New Years theme, if I can get into the sight again before 2016.

See you next time.Max