Mickey Rory has published this novel on Kindle.  He’s looking for reviews. For reasons that may or may not be obvious, this blogger, busy preparing to complete and publish a humorous novel and a Sci Fi, is unable to provide a review.  The prime audience,  but certainly not limited to them,would be adolescent or early teen, but it is a short, sweet little story that any one can enjloy and makes them want to beg for more.  I know, I lknow, the Kindle Select free days are used up for now and the book is quite costly if base price $3.99 USD + cost that brings it just over $4 is too much.  It is a bit over $5 Canadian, but this is a consequence of a neophyte thinking $3.99 sounded pretty good.  Actually, this is a good story and if one was to pay the exorbitant, well between $4 and $5,  price one would not be disappointed.

Come on, you massive crowds out there. Find a copy at Kindle.com and read the story and give it a good review.  Honesty is the best policy but those who have read the book in its unpublished form, and those who have picked up a copy during the free days and  read it, will hopefully agree with each other and tell that it is a good story and is worthy of a sequel.  Mickey would like to write more about Roisin and Prince Emmaline, Prince Micha, Arram and the others, but if no one is interested in the first, why bother with a second.  There are so many other stories out there to write.

This blog is about to return with a regular blog.  It seems to be running pretty well right now.  Hopefully the frustration is over with the site and we’ll start to have some more fun.

While you are here, take a look around.  Grab the free very simple ebook, The Instructional Tale of Pierre D’artiste,  and read the short story The Uncollected Soul . What’s really fun is that it is the rough draft, challenge yourself and find the mistakes.  I’ll be dropping in a better edited version.

Send your jokes, not too blue, please, and we will add them on to the blog.

I believe we’re back on track here.  more blogs coming soon and mory stories to read