We are busy here at Nosepeople Productions. Mickey has published His first novel, Beyond the North Tower. Mick MacNeil has completed his first novel and is currently editing and proofreading and formatting,  Legacy Earth, for ebook publication. Max has a few odds and sods hanging around: The Unclaimed Soul and the Instructional Tale of Pierre D’Artiste and is, with partner RJ London, wrapping up what we hope is a damn funny book using Sci-fi underpinnings to give the readers a good laugh.  Yet untitled (that needs to come shortly), and still in a fairly rough draft state (Editing and Proofreading will be beginning soon) we hope folks will find it amusing.

Mick MacNeil is also well into a second Sic-fi novel called The Invasion Chronicles. There is still a long way to go on this one.

We have already given readers a taste of Mickey’s novel, an ebook published through Kindle and
Smashwords, Beyond the North Tower, introduced Mick MacNeil’s Legacy Earth and one of its characters and a rough draft (very rough) of Max’s The Unclaimed Soul and Instructional Tale of Pierre D’Artiste.  They are among the posts, or on the first page of these blogs.

Some segments from The Invasion Chronicles and the as yet untitled humor will find their way in the next few blogs

If you like to read and you find what you’ve seen so far interesting, then stay tuned, there’s more to come.