A lot has happened since I last wrote. It is 2020 and we are in the heart of a pandemic COVID 19. Masks and measured distances are the order of the day. But enough of that. What is really exciting is three of Nosepeople Productions books are published both as ebooks and as paperbacks. Beyond the North Tower, Alien Invasion The Chronicles, and A Better End of the Universe: A Cosmic Con. You can check them out by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post. The ebooks have been published in many formats making them readable on a wide array of ereaders. You can find them on Amazon, but they are also available on Smashwords, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble to mention a few. The paperbacks are currently available on Amazon. Legacy Earth, the ebook is in preorder on Amazon for Kindle and will be released August first. You can check it out out by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. Prices are in US dollars. They are on sale on Smashwords until the end of July.

RJ London and Max Penman (yours Truly) have a new book still being formatted called I Killed about a stand up comic who is also a serial killer. It is a dark comedy that we all believe is a riveting read. Look for more about it toward the end of the year.

Nosepeople Productions authors are mainly me under the pen names, Mickey Rory, Mick MacNeil, and of course Max Penman. RJ London is a co-author and a master story teller with a fabulous sense of humour. Between RJ and Max, A Better End of the Universe: A Cosmic Con is a very funny book with lots of ‘laugh outloud’ moments. I Killed, while much darker humour, has its moments, too. If you liked one, you’ll love there other.

I promise not to stay away so long if you will promise to drop by on a regular basis…