Well I tried to do it, put the cover of the ebook on the sidebar with a link to the story.  Unfortunately it doesn’t quite do it.  Yeah, the cover is there, kinda stretched and yeah, you can link to the story, but through a post page.  Click on the title of the story and you can read it.  And, you can do it while I am trying to polish up the format.  The theme is comicbook, which I feel is appropriate, at least until I can smooth things out.  It is a worthwhile experience…at least I hope so.  I do hope that by the time the next book is formatted, things will be fitting a lot better.  In the meantime, I thank you for your patience and hope that somewhere, out there, someone my look in on our pal Pierre D’Artiste and find some worthwhile instruction, or at least a chuckle.

Eventually, If I can commission my favourite artist (my daughter), other than Pierre, to redo the illustrations, I would like to be able to offer Pierre’s tale in an ebook and ultimately to provide a hard copy version for those who might want to put Pierre on top of the coffee table to show off their high end literary pursuit (don’t quote me on this, please).

As other materials become available…I’m currently searching for what I have around and writing for what I don’t have around but would certainly like to.  And for all you thousands, nay millions, nay, anyone who is anxious to put pen to paper of finger to word processor key, be patient. I have to  get the site up and running smoothly or perhaps I should say, more honestly, cater to my own vanity first.