I am putting into ebook form a novella with the working title Shadow of the Tower.  To really flesh it out, I believe it needs an under story to rough it up a bit.  However, while I am working on that under story, the main story is complete and I believe I will publish it, to see what you, dear guest, might have to say about it.  Does it stand on its own without an under story? Is it too tame, too simple? This presents a challenge as The Instructional Tale was done using iBooks Author, which was fairly easy to work with, but for the Shadow of the Tower I’m looking for something that I can publish (haven’t done that with Pierre’s tale yet as I’m hoping to improve the graphics) in a more general format.  I am also thinking of epub and hardcopy versions,  So, please be patient with me while I do this, and I’m starting from scratch, really, and in the meantime, I’ll continue to look for new and interesting items to share with you, perhaps even put more writing into the blog.