I’ve been looking at publishing The Shadow of the Tower but I was thinking of publishing the main story and perhaps later adding the under story.  The under story is the “evil witch” story.  Actually, there is no evil witch, it is an evil Duke who wishes to gain power, a kingdom for himself,  and uses our protagonist to try and do so. While not getting exactly what he wants, he is able to get some information that will let him ambush the King on his journey to the “unknown” north. A former personal guard of the king, then prince, in self-imposed exile gets wind of it and is able to assist the king and his regular guard to foil it.  If there was to be a sequel then the evil duke might escape.  If not, the retired colonel, who went into exile because of something the duke, when younger,  did to him might exact a revenge.

However, that portion is in the planning stage and would have to be integrated into the original story, something that I am not quite ready to do.  Also, the publisher I would use, prefers that the complete story be published at once and I do get that.  So,  I will probably just publish the original story and at some other time weave the under story in and make some changes to ex-pand the story and publish it under a new title and with enough changes to not make it too redundant.  Perhaps this will happen, or perhaps not.  In the meantime, I am working on some other projects and between that and my inherent nature as a writer, a little like a one legged hurdler encountering block after block that are hard to jump, and miles to go before I sleep….

So, Give me a week or two as of the this posting and I will try to have the “Shadow” up and running for your edification. So, dear visitor, whenever, you find this, that story may already be published, not to mention several others.