So, here’s the issue.  I have a copy of The Shadow of the Tower ready to go, but I need a cover. I know that there are stock pictures that I could use.  I have used stock pictures before, but although there are lots of great pictures available, it just seems to me that none of them are quite right for my vision of what I want. My drawings tend to be too caroony, just take a look at The Instructional Tale of Pierre D’Artiste and you’ll see what I mean. To make matters worse, my favourite artist is away at school and has too many other things on her mind to worry about designing a good cover.

There are web sites that assist in cover design, but again, my vision for the cover, while somewhat flexible, doesn’t seem that doable with what they offer.  I may try one, but it may end up being to generic,  So, while I’m working on that, I will review some of the other things I’ve been working on. Perhaps I will write some gags about things that are weird.  There are lots of weird things.  Just most aren’t that funny.

Ya know, this is kind of like talking to myself.  Sort of solographic because I’m just writing to no one and basically telling my thoughts related to what I am doing with the site. Now if anyone happens to read this and comes up with some ideas to write about that would be great.  Or maybe I’ll give my personal literary history or dump in a few poems.  So If I don’t get any assistance with ideas for topics, then I will ramble on. Who knows, it may prove to be entertaining.


In the meantime, I’ll try to get that cover going so the story can get out there.  Who knows someone might enjoy it.

In the meantime, here is an illustration for “Pierre D’Artiste” by my favourite artist,  Compare that to the one in the book on this site and you’ll quickly realize why I happily use the term artist.  Perhaps, with her permission, I can put up a few of her works on this site, so you can see for yourself.

Well, looks like a can’t right now,  Picture was too large when loading,  Next time. Promise!