Well, I am working on the cover and staring to learn a bit about Smashwords, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator as well as my old fallback Pixelmator. It is not an easy job and all day interfacing with Mr. Mac can be quite tiring. The cold, dry December and January have given way to snowy February and from what I see, that snow is likely to stay for awhile.  It might give me an opportunity to try out those snowshoes I got for Christmas, but right now, I’m pretty sick of winter.  So, what else do I have to do but write, and build book covers and format text for publishing. Perhaps, if the sun shines, I may break trail for the dog in the backyard.  The snowshoes need to get out of the bag.

The Shadow of the Tower, sorry, working title, Shadow of the Tower moves slowly towards publication and the cover, hopefully, looks good for an amateur…its been a long time since I worked with paste up and graphic artists.I have to finish the Smashwords guide so I can format the story in the right way.

Reviewing the Shadow of the Tower as I edited it, I think I can safely say that it is a not to bad, story for pre and early adolescents.  It has kings, princes, a princess, a peasant girl, market stall merchants and soldiers.  Despite having long since wearied of it, I had to resist its pull while editing.  Of course that could just be me, fawning over my ‘baby’. I await the opportunity to get some feedback from the casual reader, but that is yet to come. I guess at this point I can only hope that someone will read it, just as I hope that eventually someone may read this. Perhaps I’m just a radio announcer with a broken microphone, talking to myself.

Here’s a look at the first rough up of the cover page.  It has changed somewhat, and there is more change to come, but it is a testimony to what can be done with a few inexpensive stock photos  Perhaps I can save up a few more pennies (hah!) and get a better tower.  COVER Design Max