I’m sure you hordes of readers have wondered what has happened to me, where I’ve been, and why its been so long since I posted.  Sorry, I can’t think of a really good reason, but I have been working on preparing Shadow of the Tower for publishing.  I have to come up with chapter headings and have an arms length party edit and proofread it. She’s pretty busy right now, with lots more on her mind than a young adolescent story.  She promises she will get at it.  Meanwhile I am in the process of formatting, confirming a cover design and getting it ready to go.  Once that’s done it will be here for you to see, read and say nice things about.  My artist is preparing for her final exams, deciding what to wear for her graduation and applying for post graduate courses, so she’s quite busy too.  My cartoon illustrations are pretty sketchy (Just take a look at The Instructional Tale of Pierre D’Artiste and you’ll see what I mean.  I’m kind of a Pierre pre-green blog.  You’ll have to check out the story to get that.

I have Kobo, Kindle and Ibook apps on my old Iphone and when my Kobo died on a flight from Thunder Bay to Toronto, I discovered that with my far sightedness, I did just fine with the Iphone and so, now, I can carry the current book I’m reading with me and when I have to wait somewhere, I can get through a chapter or two.  Right now, I am discovering for myself, the amazing talent of Stephen King.  A science Fiction fan I avoided the horror genre and then came Under the Dome and, bing…boom, I was caught.  I could only wonder why I hadn’t read any of his books before now and the only good reason I can think of is ’cause I wouldn’t have the delight of discovering them now.  I like Dean Koontz too, somewhat of a change from my wonderful time with Terry Pratchett and Discworld, perhaps less funny than Pratchett, but just as captivating.   Amazingly, the only time I didn’t read voraciously was during my University days and I was an English student. Somehow the literary gods smiled on me and I ended up with a Masters degree…yes…In English.  Well, I have made up for it.  After graduation, I dusted off all those old Andre Norton and Robert Heinlein, and Ray Bradbury novels that I had enjoyed in my youth.  After that, I did get to reread my course novels and found out they were as good as everyone said.  I should have realized that after my undergraduate 28 hour marathon with The Brothers Karamazov.

Right now, its Stephen King. I’ve done the Roland series after reading Dr. Sleep and 11 22 63 and now take on anything I can find in the book store.  As long as he keeps writing, I will keep reading except maybe those times when I try writing.  Now I’ve had experience in print and radio copywriting and teaching and know just how damn hard it is to write, so guys like him amaze me.  Perhaps a publisher breathing down your neck helps.  I know I do better when there is a mandated deadline, or at least a identifiable goal to keep me focussed.  Anyway, that’s enough about me for now.  What about you.  Now I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself rushing to the word processor only to wait while the congestion on this site thins out, In other words, if there is anyone out there who is reading these, the only congestion here would be my sinuses.

And yeah, I loved the new(er) Battlestar Galactica.

Perhaps next time I’ll dump my favorite TV shows and movies on ya.  Or perhaps I’ll focus on getting that book finished and assembling another one that is in the works.

Till next time!