Yeah, I know I promised you a lot of stuff on this site and it would be fun and hear you asking, “are we having fun yet?” Well, if you have to ask, I guess you aren’t.

How about some dishwasher jokes? I set my dishwasher up to drain into the toilet, now I have to teach it how to flush. Duh!!

My dishwasher is so bad, If I  leave hard to remove bits of dried  dirt on the dishes it gets so hot, it burns new patterns on the plates.  UGH!

I’m not saying there are lots of potholes on the streets, but now instead of using the dishwasher, all I have to do is put my dirty dishes and detergent in a cooler in the back of my car and drive around. The dishes are clean in 15 minutes. Meh!

I stopped washing my underwear in the dishwasher, because they squeaked every time I bent over. Yuck!

If I want a silent dishwasher, I just have to hide my wife’s rubber gloves. Yuck

I know, I know, dishwashers are not very funny.  That’s the challenge.  Take something that isn’t very funny and try and come up with a few jokes about it.  Most items of household furniture or appliances are not that funny…oh you may get a few puns, but really, ceiling fans, how do you make those funny???

Judy Carter in The Comedy Bible suggests we try being serious and unfunny in our first rough tries.  Ok, I can do that,

Dishwashers are great time savers.  I can be half way to work by the time the dishes are done, If I would just remember to turn it on before I left.

My dishwasher is a high-powered cleaner.  I’ve had it for a month and already my coloured plates are three shades lighter. If it can’t get the set bits of food out, it just eats the plate away so there is no evidence of its failure.

I’m not saying that my dishwasher is crap, but if I don’t completely clean the dishes before I put them in and start it up it leaves a nasty note on the digital display.  I don’t need a dishwasher to tell me I’m inadequate.  I have family.

Dishwashers are weird.  You have to clean the dishes before you wash them.

I like my dishwasher so much, I married her.  Now I’m the dishwasher.

My wife loves her dishwasher.  She says I do a far better job than the electric ones.

There you go.  There’s something. If you read this, take a moment and share your wild and crazy dishwasher jokes. Or, if the dishwasher isn’t that good, the yolks….Egg-zactly.