No, I haven’t come up with a routine intro yet.  I have just heard some bad news, Sir Terry Pratchett, sire to all the wild and wonderful citizens of Ankh-Morpork and of all the others who make their home on  Discworld, has taken Death’s hand.  In the wee hours of yesterday morning, Sir Terry peacefully left us.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I am a great fan of Pratchett’s wit and humour as well as his great story telling skill.  From Good Omens to Snuff, his characters and plots have brought hours of enjoyment and a good many laughs. A singular talent, he will be sorely missed.  It’s been awhile, but perhaps I shall now go back and review some of the books, reintroduce myself to Rincewind and Commander Vimes.  I have yet to see the film Colour of Magic, but There is a creditable version of Going Postal featuring that canny con, Moist von Lipwig and, of course, the ever present Lord Vetinari.  If you haven’t done so yet, pick up a Prachett book, or perhaps the one he wrote with Neil Gaiman, Good Omens, for starters and have a read.  If you are even slightly skewed, you are going to enjoy them.

Rest in Peace, Terry Pratchett

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